Volunteers are the backbone of Kalayaan Centre. All officers and directors of the Centre are volunteers. In addition, Kalayaan Centre is fortunate to have members who continuously, consistently and tirelessly donate their time and services to projects, activities and events. They provide leadership in organizing and conducting the events as well as unpaid labour (administrative, clerical, accounting, carpentry, painting, etc).

Some of Kalayaan Centre's most active volunteers include:

Jojo Sebastian, Dave and Evelyn Pond, Rene and Ginnie Sevilla, Merla Carbonell, Bert Balbastro, Sheryl Chavez, Chiqui Kat Pineda Azimi, Edgar and Ellen Arcon, Manny and Juliet Mendoza, Judy Montenegro, Ruben and Linda Salazar, Andrea Frondozo, ...

Kalayaan Centre is always in need of volunteers.
Volunteers of all ages are welcome! Volunteer High School students could get required credits.
Learn more about being a KCCC volunteer. For additional information, please email coordinator@kalayaancentre.ca or phone 905-602-0923.